Cutting It Close

Been identifying with the loneliness of Christ lately.

Maybe not “loneliness”, per se. But aloneness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the more the greater majority of mankind know about me, the worse it becomes; the less they know about me, the better.

I’ve been dismayed to sense people become estranged from me–and me from them–the more I reveal my inner thoughts and feelings.

This is a universal problem, of course; I know I’m not unique.

But Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, also experienced this, and that is special and significant to me.

In the Gospels, we see Him draw large crowds, early on. People loved Him, flocked to Him, wanted to see His loving, smiling face, and reap all of the innumerable benefits they could from His presence. They wanted to get all they could from Him, the greatest dispenser of blessings they ever knew or would know.

But the more He taught them, and revealed His heart’s desires for them, the more those same crowds dispersed, and people left offended.

Ultimately, He had to ask even His closest friends, “Will you leave also?”

Thankfully, they didn’t. They all stuck with Him, even to the end.

Or, almost until the end…

Because when it was time for Him to make His identification and love for them complete, the powers of darkness had their greatest appearance, and even His closest friends (the 12 disciples) could not stick around. (In fact, one of them sold Him out to those same dark powers, as we know: Judas Iscariot.)

To this day, most people want little or nothing to do with the Man.

Many still draw close to Him but for all the wrong reasons. Many are still leaving Him, offended at His teachings and holy life.

In the Bible, God occasionally speaks of “a remnant” that will believe, that will love Him, that will be faithful to Him.

He is still looking for His Bride. Not “brides”, in the plural, but Bride in the singular.

And I know it’s not because He will only end up having made one true convert, one true faithful follower; but I think the implication of a small loyal group could still be made.

It is the same with almost every human being; we may have many acquaintances–we still meet untold multitudes of other human beings in our lifetime–but only a select precious few know and understand us deep down at the true heart’s level. It is the same with God.

It is the same with me.

I wrote this poem earlier this evening, on this truth:


The less people know about me

The better

For the greater majority of the world


For a remnant

The more they know about me the better

(But from afar only)


And for only One

The more I am known completely

The more I am loved… and in love.


It’s why I chose to dismantle my Facebook account tonight, also.


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