My Conversion Testimony and Astronomical Interpretations of Christian Eschatology.

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Being of a certain scientific mind (always being open to experimentation; wanting to find objective certainty; giving weight to all sides and areas of evidence, even when contradictory), I found that even after the Lord Jesus miraculously introduced Himself to me and “saved me” (i.e. gave me a new heart, a new spirit, and new life within me, and beginning His daily communion and fellowship with Me as a spiritual and literal connection), I was still objectively uncertain that He was and is indeed “the only true God”; I had experimented with most other religions and aesthetic and philosophic dogmas and points of view, and found at least some merit and worth in each of them; many of them, like Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation, Tantra, Sufism, and certain strains of “New Age” thought, seemed to hold very much weight indeed. And Christianity on the other hand had seemed, before my conversion, to be the least interesting (i.e. most boring) and most open to negative criticism of all the religions and philosophies I came across.

But the Lord allowed me a certain vision, in the first days or weeks of my conversion. I shall never forget it: a vision of each of the “gods” and “religions” and “philosophies” as represented by their well-known ambassadors (Buddha, Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna, Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Jesus Christ, etc. etc.) who had, throughout human history, descended upon us in their various types of “UFO”s from outer space, from the various worlds of their origin and/or habitation.

I decided that even if all the gods’ and religions’ claims and promises were all true and valid, that Christ would have my allegiance, because of the way and style of His advent: humble, mysterious, but still at times startlingly clear and irresistible (if not indubitable). I was at a very low time in my life, personally, living in social isolation and suspicion even amongst my own family members, and unable to find or keep steady employment, and drinking too much alcohol, and often living in the upper loft of our workshop/barn next to our house, despite the atrocious heat of the summer days and the bitter cold of Fall and Winter.

Christ had my allegiance primarily because (as I found out later He promised) He and His Father had chosen me and had not chosen Him/Them. I felt like He was infinitely wise, infinitely patient, infinitely hopeful, in me personally… and I quickly learned that so many other thousands and millions of people throughout human history had reported the same kind of encounter with Him; feeling abandoned and rejected as “unqualified” by all other men and women, and even by the various gods, gurus, and leaders themselves, here was a Man who loved me just as I was, and here at my worst. He saw the best parts of myself, and almost as it were “credited” them to me, despite my many moral failings, faults, weaknesses and sins. (This goodness in me, I later learned, was because He Himself had put it there, or otherwise influenced or nurtured its becoming.)

So I became a willing and happy convert to Christ and Christianity; a part of me felt great joy (and still feels great joy) to be a part of something so misunderstood and hated for various good or bad reasons: the mystical Church of Jesus Christ. It seemed totally appropriate that a mysterious God would have a mysterious People, and a commonly misunderstood Plan; it also became clear to me that He had His good reasons for not revealing Himself to everybody, reasons which mostly have to do with His not being interested in “forcing Himself” on anybody, and leaving us the decision to seek and desire Him or not.

To immediately feel and sense the connection with great saints and figures of old who were also given the gift of faith in Christ, was very reassuring and pleasant: St. Francis, T.S. Eliot, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, and many others, including (best and most joyous of all) certain members of my own family.

In those first days of my conversion, it was as if the enraging and maddening “jigsaw puzzle” of the Universe assembled itself together before my very eyes, without any further effort of my own; a kind and loving God was explaining it all to me, with His “still small voice” in my heart, mind, and conscience, and through the agency of His written History of creation and humankind known as the Holy Bible.

But I never forgot that early vision about the “UFOs” or “spaceships” which had come, partly overtly and partly secretly, with their many astounding and almost incredible promises and claims…

Until earlier today, when I was excited to be struck by some more possible interpretations of some of the mystical prophecies in the Bible (esp. the last book of it, Revelation). I believe by faith that these are revelations given to me from the Lord (whose student and disciple I have been since late 2007), but I am open to correction and better instruction if that’s what the Lord has for me.

But here were some scenarios that showed themselves to me in vision and word (rhema) form from the Lord:

{1} The Millennial Reign of Christ: This prophesied period of peace and piety (which also has had many differences of interpretation), when the Lord Himself will be amongst us on the Earth and commanding our worship, and which will apparently occur after the great devastation of the world’s last War in the times of Antichrist, centered around Jerusalem in Palestine, may be the last “grace” period on this present Earth during which God and Christ prepare His people to evacuate the Earth after its Day of Judgment.

{2} The New Earth: This prophesy could could refer to a new planet of refuge/safety which God will bring His faithful believers to, after this present Earth is finally destroyed by fire in the far future, after (?) the Millennial Reign of Christ here.

{3} The New Jerusalem: This immense floating city (which “descends out of the sky like a bride prepared for her bridegroom”), and which will apparently be almost as wide as the continental USA and just as long and tall (though scholars differ in their speculations as to its shape, but most seem to think it will either be cubic or pyramidical) could be God’s spaceship, which He will use to transport His saints to the New Heavens and New Earth.

{4} The New Heavens: [These could be another dimension, or another galaxy/solar-system? I didn’t receive any vision concerning this specifically, however.]

{5} The Great Day of Judgment: This dreaded and long-anticipated Day will (it seems) occur only after Christ’s Millennial Reign on Earth, when Satan will be unbound from the pit to tempt the human race one last time. Satan and his new uprising and army will be soundly defeated, however, as “God will send a fire upon them from heaven which will consume them all.”

{6} Death & Hell Turning Into The Lake of Fire: This might simply be a matter of the Earth’s subterranean lava and “fire” overtaking the surface of the planet, or a result of God’s fiery judgment on Satan’s last rebellion,or a combination of both? In any case it has been well suggested that “hell”, “sheol”, “gehenna”, “Hades”, etc. is nothing else but the subterranean caverns beneath the Earth’s surface–the darkness, crampness, lack of oxygen, and extreme heat of which gave rise to the legends, myths, and reports of its being a suitable place for a “Hell” provided for Satan and his fallen angels and demons, but which will also be the destination of unrepentant, rebellious human souls.

three thoughts

Everything is exactly the way it is for a reason,

Lifting darkness up to light is one of Christ’s purposes.

Some of those who’ve been saddled with the heaviest of burdens, with Christ’s help, and by His grace, will be able to minister more light to others.