“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Jesus Christ), vs. “The meek shall inherit nothing” (Frank Zappa). I of course prefer my Jesus’s own beautiful promise–because He was referring to another, spiritual dimension, and to a future age–but I realize Zappa was also correct, for the most part, as far as our earthly inheritances or rewards. For in this present world and age, meekness IS a sure way to lose out on much / most / virtually all that Life has to offer us. In this world and age of basically Social Darwinism, it’s the ruthless, the dishonest, the cruel, the covetous, the devious, who earn the best positions of power, wealth, and prestige.

Speaking personally, in my 8 years as a born-again Christian, I have never felt like I had less of a portion, or a reward, on this Earth.

Socially and romantically, I have suffered greatly. (Economically and financially I have not prospered either.) To my knowledge, I have not had a girl fall in love with me since becoming a Christian 8 years ago, whereas before that time, all my earlier life, I was something of a “Don Juan” with the ladies, and had many notable successes and triumphs (though not as many as I would’ve liked, naturally, because lust is never satisfied or content.)

Indeed, the rare rejections I received from the fairer sex used to so devastate me that I would be plunged into suicidal depression. Nowadays, however, I’ve become so used to rejections–I’ve probably experienced at least two dozen, probably more–that I think I would be shocked if a girl said “yes”!

A biblical example of Meekness in the Old Testament is the patriarch Isaac, son of Abraham and father of Jacob / Israel. But it’s worthwhile to note that one of the remarkable incidents of his life was unfavorable to him: the envious Philistines plugged up the wells he dug, on two occasions, compelling Isaac to move and relocate and try again two more times. It has been rightly said that Isaac (having received the promises God gave to the family through his father Abraham) could afford to be generous and meek, since he would one day inherit (by faith) all of the land and everything in it anyway.

For the best definition of “meekness” that I’ve ever heard, is “a holy resignation to the will of God”. God never promised Isaac or any believer a trouble-free life. In fact the opposite is true, and God’s people generally must suffer more on Earth (in “the short-term”) as they wait for the eternal blessings and promises to come to their full, glorious fruition. God often allows the wicked, on the other hand, to prosper in this life, because it shall be the only happiness and prosperity they shall ever know, for, having rejected and hated God, after the Judgment their only portion for Eternity shall be Hell and the fire which shall never be quenched.